The (Joke of a) Run for 2020?

According to John Morreal, Donald Trump won his presidency through the jokes that the media has portrayed him. Assuming that the rumors are true, would Kanye West run for President in 2020? What are the evidences that would lead to Kanye West to run? Would the media do the same thing to him as they did to Trump?  And would that increase or decrease his chances of winning the election if he were to run? Why?

Are there any other celebrities (and or any non-politicians) that have hinted at running? Could this post itself be a factor?


Psychology Of Superiority

The readings this week were really interesting and one thing that really caught my eye was the superiority theory. In class it was mentioned that this is a type of comedy that Donald Trump often uses. I was curious to what people thought about the psychology behind the superiority theory today? Does it come from a place of self-esteem issues or feelings of ineptitude as described in the readings or do you think that has evolved as comedy has evolved?