New thoughts on Improv

There was another blog post that I read where the person said they did not like improv and I had to agree. Of all the forms of comedy that we’ve learned about so far, improv is one of my least favorite. I think what makes me not like it is the fact that it’s too unpredictable, and not knowing what could happen makes me nervous. Knowing that it could go all wrong, makes me want to cringe before the performance has even started. However, through the Halpern reading, I was able to learn a lot more about the technique and I think this made me appreciate it a bit more. Along with this, I was pleasantly surprised by how well my classmates did with their performances.

For example, I think improv is most funny to me when it is quick and witty. I love witty humor that’s fast paced, and I felt that that was the type of humor my classmates portrayed. The clips we watched in class seemed to also have the same sort of style and so I found them just as entertaining to watch.

In the reading, one of the “rules” set was the fact that honesty is usually your best bet to produce laughs. I liked this, because it’s something that I really think about whenever I watch stand up or improv. If I feel like the performers are being honest, no matter how wild the situation they’re explaining, I feel like I can trust them more, leading me to like their act more. So I liked that this rule was included because I do feel like honesty can set a great relationship between the performer and their audience.


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