Changing my mind on Improv

I don’t like improv.  I don’t know why but the idea of watching someone having to come up with comedic ideas right on the spot doesn’t sit well with me.  Maybe it’s because I imagine myself in their position and think about how bad it would go (trust me, I’d be terrible at it). I always think it would go like that clip we watched in class of the guy ruining his improv groups show by jumping in and making terrible jokes at every opportunity.

I will say however, that I think I’ve started to like it more recently. That clip we watched in class from Whose Line Is It Anyway was pretty funny, and I thought the students in the class also did a very nice job.

Also, after doing the Halpern reading about the manual for improvisation, I see there are some very basic rules to it which need to be followed in order to make improv work. This makes it seem like improv isn’t as open ended as I originally thought which makes it a bit more comfortable to me.

Maybe all I need to do to enjoy improv is watch more of it to get familiar so that I feel like if I ever needed to, I could do it too.


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