Improv, Truth, and Comedy

An improv sketch (more of scene)  that I always think of is Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, when he started yelling he had a jar full of dirt (click here to view this scene). The looks on the other cast members faces are ones of confusion. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that scene was improvised. Improv has gained a reputation as comedy, and I was very interested to learn that Improv does not always equate comedy (which after thinking about it, there are many instances of improv in which it isn’t funny, rather interesting and how true that is). However, the book “Truth in Comedy” brings up a good point that most humor can be found in the truth. It is interesting how the most obvious observations are sometimes the most absurd. I think part of speaking the truth means that we can acknowledge the absurdity of the situation. We don’t always speak the actual truth due to the boundaries society sets on what is allowable. Do we find the obvious funny because it truly is funny, or by pointing out the truth, we realize how absurd something is?


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