Truth in Comedy

I found the reading “Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation” very interesting especially since I had never really thought of the things that go into making a good improv show much before. A lot of the things that were talked about were things that obviously make sense for improv, but if I just decided to try improv I probably wouldn’t think of these things and it would be horrible. Like, for example. I had assumed that the improv comedians would figure out a general plan before the show but obviously besides the general plan it would be authentic improv, but I guess it makes sense that if they had a scene that was already thought out that would get rid of the authenticity and funnyness of the show and mess with their ability to be creative. I have gone to one live improv show and seen other improv online and I have found that there are certain things that I will think are funny because they are improv but I wouldn’t find it as funny if it wasn’t improv. I’m guessing that is because I know that its spontaneous and am not expecting it to be top notch comedy that has been recited over and over. The reading talks about how good comedy comes from being honest and opening up to the audience which I definitely find to be true as I generally find stories that comedians tell much funnier than quick one-liner jokes. I have even more respect for comedians that do this type of comedy after reading this, it definitely is a skill that all comedians should have. I remember reading somewhere that a lot of the really good/famous comedians will improvise whole scenes that end up being included in movies/tv shows. So it would be interesting to see how much of movies and tv shows are scripted vs. improvised by the actors. Funny video


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