Clowns is people and juggalos too

I have never quite understood the conception that clowns are inherently creepy.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that, having experienced clowns in their natural habitat, the circus, I was afforded from a young age a more pure clown experience.  To tell the truth I barely remember the clowns at all, my attention was always drawn to something else more entertaining.  I know they were there, I remember seeing them, but they were just not that interesting to me.  If a clown is creepy, it is not the uniform, it is the individual donning the apparel exuding creepy energy. If you asked me whether or not I thought that being a clown was an odd job I would say yes, but hey, you gotta make a living somehow.  I have been a sausage maker for thirteen years and most people find that interesting and odd. Growing up I was not aware of John Wayne Gacy, and his shenanigans, so I did not have that data and imagery ingrained in my psyche the way others might.  I would imagine that some folks, probably folks older than me, can see a hockey goalie’s mask from the sixties and seventies and not feel creeped out at all.  When I see those style of masks, I am creeped out, recollecting the terror I experienced, as a rather sensitive 9 year old, the night I tried to fall asleep after I watched Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning.  When I think of creepy clowns I can’t help but think of Insane Clown Posse and their followers, the juggalos.  The juggalos creep me out only because when I see a picture from a juggalos gathering, I imagine the creepiness I would experience being there, surrounded by these filthy, degenerate, meathead festival goers dressed as clowns and out of there minds on shitty drugs.  Of this more recent clown hysteria I would not be at all surprised if it actually were the act of some over zealous ICP fans doing some hardcore-gangsta-metal-ass-shit in the name of their heroes, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay.



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