Clowns and why they are creepy

I read the article Frank T. McAndrew about clowns and why are they creepy. With the recent increase of clown sightings around the country this article was a very interesting read. I really thought it was creepy that in the 1980’s there were reportedly clowns in the area around Boston. I felt like the recent videos were something that was more fueled by the internet but hearing that this has occurred before amazed me. The fact that most kids actually dislike clowns makes me wonder why clowns are still such a large part of many childhood parties. One thing that I was surprised to read was the relationship between creepiness and physical characteristics. It makes sense completely but was surprising to see that in a large study many people thought things like a peculiar smile or bulging eyes make someone appear more creepy. This relates directly to why clowns are so creepy. The makeup, large shoes, weird laugh and walk all lead to the overall creepiness around the concept of clowns. I have never really been a huge fan of clowns but when I learned about Gacy in school my dislike of clowns definitely increased. The fact that he used his disguise of a clown to target children forever ruined the idea of clowns for me.


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