When is Laughing Wrong?

The Limon reading immediately struck me, because the article starts by saying that if someone thinks something is funny, that it is and they cannot be wrong about it. But this made me think of situations where people laugh during inappropriate times and people around them say something to the effect of, “Why are you laughing? That’s not funny.” And situations like this usually occurs when someone laughs about a death, a horrendous moment in history, a racist joke, etc. So Limon’s remark made me consider the line that can exist between what an individual thinks is personally funny and what society allows to be funny. So the question I would pose to all of you is: Do you think there is ever a time when someone can be wrong about finding something funny? I guess this question also goes along with where the line is drawn on what people can joke about it, but on the other side of things. Instead of the line of what can be joked about, it’s the line about what can be laughed about and what people should be allowed to find funny. But then this leads into one more thought and question: Can there be some sort of rule on what people are allowed to find funny? Is this controllable?


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