Trolls Will Be Trolls

I found the two pieces by Whitney Phillips to be particularly interesting. She covered far too many topics surrounding trolling to really dig in to in one short blog post, but I think that her points surrounding the problem of sensationalist corporate media and how trolls have dealt with that problem were very interesting. I could not relate more to Phillips’ sentiment that RIP trolling does have a place in mitigating some of the problems of “cynicism, hypocrisy and irresponsibility of routine corporate engagement with personal tragedy,” as she put it.

Now, as someone who is pretty neutral-leaning-supportive on the subject of internet trolling (although I do not participate), I also recognize the harm that trolling can, and often does, bring to people. However, I also believe that there will always be very smart people that are ahead of the rest of the world that will continue to find ways to conceal their identity, be it for good or bad, and it is best to learn how to play their game (and maybe even win) instead of relying on doxxing or banning as a first line of defense against trolls. In my opinion, it is sometimes necessary to employ these tactics, but one should be careful when seriously considering using them.

With that being said, RIP too Steve Job’s.




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