The Evolution of the Meme

After class on Monday, and our readings, I’ve started to realize how deeply racism is rooted into our culture. The worst part is that most people aren’t even aware of the racism surrounding us. I had absolutely no idea that so many cartoons were rooted in racist views and images. In fact, I thought that cartoons were the best way to get away from racism as all different types of animals and characters would come together and be friends. Clearly my mindset can be too pure for this real world. (Not saying I’m completely pure and oblivious, I do know some things).

Anyways, I found that similar to Phillips discussing memes. One of the first things he mentions is that memes often overlap with trolls, and I didn’t even think of this relationship. Now that this has been pointed out to me, I can see the relationship how memes have come from trolls. Some memes certainly have a darker side to them, while others are lighthearted and fun. I know some people that love the whole spectrum of memes, while I only like the lighthearted type. I have seen memes used to make fun of people, or to intentionally upset people, and I think that is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately some people find it funny to cause harm to others, so some memes were created. Since their trolly beginnings, memes have morphed into common, “every day” use. I say “every day” because I doubt people use memes every single day, but they use them often, and memes have the potential to just come up in some conversation. Some common memes still have tasteless meanings, but are sometimes overlooked by the people enjoying them. Enjoy some memes (one Hitler one to prove that there are some bad ones trying to used as funny).





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