Black Mirror

While watching the episode of Black Mirror required as one of our viewings this week, it was kind of hard to see how this could be comedic. Black Mirror itself its a very dark show that rarely draws on comedy to entertain its viewers, and this episode was no different. However, you could see parallels. The prime minister was asked to fuck a pig on national television. This is the act of what we would call a “troll” from the comedic types we’ve talked about in class. He wants to sow discord and upset people and he does so by posting an inflammatory message in an online community, youtube. There is also the presence of a troll on the comments of the video online saying “PM going to fuck a pig lol” (or something like that). I think that this video can show us the real effects that trolls can have on the public when their actions are serious. For example, Dylann Roof was an online troll and then actually carried out his plans the murder multiple black people. This was something he had talked out on online and told people on message boards, but no one took him seriously because he was a “troll”. So, when do we take the threats that trolls make seriously? What is the line?


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