The Culture Which Created Trolls

A point that Phillips makes is that her analysis of the troll culture rise is reflective of the society in which they exist. Considering that, what could that say about our culture? While some aspects of the troll culture come off as positive, it seems that for the most part trolling culture exists to commit cruelty for their amusement. What that seems to indicate is that this troll culture is evidence that there is an element of our culture that exists to derive pleasure from causing pain. At first a person would think no kidding? Ever heard of a psychopath? But she specifies the numbers of users on these troll sites as numbering into the tens of millions. And I can’t imagine that number isn’t considerably higher today. That would indicate that there are actually tens of millions of people who feel the need to display psychopathic characteristics, at least when presented an anonymous medium like the internet. The parallel that comes to mind are Nazis during World War 2. In the same way that they were just following orders at the camps, trolls are just having fun through a legal medium. When told to do something awful, or when given a chance to do something awful and not get caught, it would appear that the general population will participate. What does that say about our culture? That huge portions of the population are just waiting for the excuse so say or do terrible things?


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