Will Ferrell is Hilarious

After I read through what have been probably the most controversial readings that we have had so far this semester I was prepared to write about my reactions and my opinions on them. I didn’t realize that I would find the most controversial line from one of my classmates. Which leads me to say that, I am so sorry Abeer but I do not believe that we can be friends. I of course don’t expect everybody to love Will Ferrell even though he is one of the funniest actors and comedians living because everybody has the right to their own opinions, even if they are wrong (you must not have seen stepbrothers, I recommend that you watch it this weekend if you have some free time). Besides that very saddening line, I thought that the readings were very thought provoking, a little stupid and pretty funny.

While reading Hitchens’ article, I found myself laughing at what he was saying, not because he was funny but because he would say something so stupid that I couldn’t believe that he had actually written it. He describes women as “slower to get it”, he says “there are more terrible female comedian than there are terrible male comedians”, and that “women, bless their tender hearts, would prefer that life be fair, and even sweet”. First of all, who doesn’t want life to be fair and sweet? Isn’t that the goal? To make life better for everybody? Secondly, how did he determine that there are more terrible female comedians than terrible male comedians? Even if that’s how he feels, it’s not a fact, it’s his opinion and shouldn’t be stated as if it is true. Lastly, he claims that women are “slower to get it” referring to how quickly women understood a joke. I know plenty of men that don’t understand jokes because they are “slower”, but sometimes you don’t understand a joke because it’s not your type of humor or the joke is about something that you don’t know anything about. It is ridiculous that he says these things and if he doesn’t think women are funny he should try watching SNL and he’ll realize that Kate McKinnon is the funniest part of the show (watch SNL’s Close Encounter).

My main frustration with Stanley’s article was when she said, “Now a female comedian has to be pretty-even sexy-to get a laugh”. I thought that this was ridiculous because I just don’t believe that it is true at all. It’s actually insulting to say that because it takes away from the work that female comedians have done to get where they are. I don’t think that Kate McKinnon, Tina Fey, Wanda Sykes, etc. got to where they are because of their looks, I think they became popular because of the work they put in to become better comedians.

Finally, I don’t know why male comedians are more popular than female comedians. Maybe it’s because it is what we’re used to as a society, maybe it’s because men feel the need to compete with other men to be funnier, maybe it’s because people like to laugh at stupid stuff and men are extremely stupid. All I know is that Will Ferrell is hilarious.


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