Everyone else found that joke funny, why didn’t you?

This week, through the readings and in class, we learned a lot about women in comedy. In class on Monday, we talked a little about how some people kind of shut down during some jokes that women make. I’m specifically thinking of one of the clips we watched in which one of the white, male audience members was crossing his arms and not laughing at the comedian. I believe the joke may have been about white men. Honestly, before this I had never thought about or noticed anyone hold back their laughter due to a prejudice they possess. I’m not necessarily saying that he wasn’t laughing because he had a prejudice towards women. He could have just not found the joke funny. But when in a room full of people laughing at a joke, it is very difficult to not laugh at least a little. Contagious laughter is such a powerful force that it must take a lot to hold back that laughter. How, when facing a force as strong as contagious laughter, is someone able to not laugh at a joke just because of prejudice they have? Also, why are prejudices still a thing?


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