Christopher Hitchens can kiss my ass

Okay, so Christopher Hitchens articles were pretty difficult to read. Not because I didn’t understand him, but because I think he is incredibly annoying and ignorant. I just read the blog post saying he waxed his balls once, and maybe the pain of that caused him to lose all his reasoning.

The first question he brought up was interesting. He highlighted the idea that women seek humor in men, but not vice versa. I thought this was bull, because I’m sure men like it when a woman they are interested in is funny. I asked my boyfriend if boys tell their guy friends about whether or not a girl is funny, along with other qualities, and he said, of course. Just as I suspected. I’m sure there are some men who are threatened by a woman who is funnier than them, but I would hope that men as a whole don’t buy into that.

The point he made further on, about how women have been taught to be less bright because we would ~hate~ to intimidate men was also just as infuriating. Because here’s the thing Hitchens. Even if men only wanted women as an audience instead of rivals, that is not what they are going to get. Women are funny. Women have always been funny. We are witty, sarcastic, crude, and really just about anything. And we don’t have to be “hefty or dykey or Jewish” to be funny.


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