Actress Round Table

The fact that there is a distinct plot structure common in feminist humor creates a very cookie-cutter style of humor. The Actress Round Table is centered around the joke of Kate McKinnon playing Debette Goldry. From quid-pro-quo sex to wage gap jokes, most fall into very common themes to joke about. While this skit did diverge from the standard plot points with some one liners (little Peter Nono), SNL still falls into some of the tropes of feminist comedy.

After considering this trend for a while, it seems that feminist comedy has a certain direction with jokes simply because it is the only subset of comedy that can joke about these topics. Quid-pro-quo sex jokes would not go over as well from a male comedian and the wage gap seems to be a topic that cannot be touched too easily. By being able to see the other side of these topics, feminist comedy is in a unique spot to joke about them. This is similar to how black comedians can joke about culturally black topics; its a niche only available to them.

The standard flow of feminist humor should go beyond women being the punchline. The new ghostbusters overplayed this severely. This clip of a new SNL skit shows progress away from the flat, typed roles in the ghostbusters movie to jokes that weren’t on female topics or about women broadly.


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