Are women funny?

Before I began reading this weeks readings I looked at what they were about which made me think about female comedians that I have watched/like. It was hard to come up with many which I imagined was partly because there are clearly more men in the industry as well as the fact that I am a male so I felt like it was clear that I would have more of a connection to male comedians, which is an important point brought up in the readings. I came to the conclusion that my favorite women comedians whether in movies, sitcom, skits or stand-up are Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus and SNL stars Tina Fey, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon. Although really what I found funny about these women was the characters that they play, which to me seems a little less authentic which definitely doesn’t mean that their not funny, because it obviously takes a lot of comedic skill to do what they do but it just isn’t the same feeling as watching some of my favorite male comedians such as Louis CK, Will Ferrell, and Nathan Fielder. I’m sorry that my white male self feels this way, but I guess that’s just who I like and find funny. I found the articles interesting because they basically explained societies as well as my own unconscious bias against these female comedians. I feel like realizing and understanding this bias is important, but I also feel that knowing this bias is not going to change what I think is funny. After reading the readings it is apparent that it is harder for female comedians but I feel like comedy and entertainment in general is an industry that is shaped by its audience and what they want to see or what they think is funny. It does appear that reception of female comedians is changing due to the increase in popular female comedians especially recently so maybe these unconscious biases are starting to go away. Although even if it is harder for females in comedy, knowing my bias isn’t going to make me laugh more for them, if I find something funny then it’s funny male or female. Although I do have to say that I found the stand up routine by Ali Wong to be really funny and I would like to watch more of her material. So maybe I just have to seek out more female comedians instead of waiting for them to find their way to me.


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