Late Night Comedy

This we we read from Toplyn about the makings of a monologue joke. In this article crafting these type of jokes was refined to a very well defined process. In a nut shell this article said that by taking a current event that almost everyone will laugh at, choosing a particular angle on that topic, and then delivering the punchline. This formula for monologue jokes has kind of become standard across late night television. Toplyn discusses how jokes from one comedy show could easily be delivered on any other show with very little changes due to the similarity in how the jokes are written. This was surprising for me as I would have guessed that each show had a slightly different style to crafting their own jokes. Because the jokes are similar across all of the different late night comedy shows, I wonder why there are so many different hosts on TV. What is the major factor that dictates whether or not a late night host will be successful and receive  high ratings even if they are not on TV until late at night after other late night shows? Do these shows try to avoid doubling up on topics to keep their jokes fresh compared to earlier shows or is it the delivery of each individual show host that matters more and not so much the topic they are talking about? It would be really interesting to investigate the different parameters that go into making a show successful. Its seems like most shows that I watch right now all use political topics as the main source of information for their jokes, making me think that it is probably easier now to make sure that each show across a single night is different compared to slow news days where each show has limited information to draw on. Whatever it is I feel that most of the shows do a good job of having their own identity, even if the jokes they are telling may be crafted using the same guidelines and formula.


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