Is there a difference between being funny and being a good comedy writer?

Looking over news articles in class on Monday, I simply could not come up with any good jokes. It feels unnatural to me to look at headlines for the sole purpose of writing a joke; I would rather just absorb the world around me and make jokes as I notice funny/abnormal things going on. I feel that one of the most important aspects of someone being funny (in interpersonal interactions, not like writing monologues for a show) is not having your comedy feel forced. People who try to make a joke out of every single topic that comes up in a conversation are not as funny to me as those that only “use” comedy sparingly. Timing is another way of describing what I am talking about, as people who have good timing and know when the perfect time to make a joke is are usually the funniest. I have seen guys at parties give a series of jokes like they are doing a standup routine or a late night monologue, and it’s just really awkward. Anyways, I guess I am saying that the funniest people are those that simply are funny, rather than those who use comedy as a formulaic tool.  As a disclaimer, I still find late night talk shows, stand-up, etc to be very funny, I am just more talking about comedy between people in a social situation. Speaking of the Toplyn articles, breaking down jokes into defined steps takes away the actual hilarity of them to me, because it makes me feel like I am just being tricked or manipulated into laughter rather than just experiencing the comedy holistically (I’m not doing the greatest job describing this feeling, lol). I prefer to take in comedy as a whole and laugh at what is funny to me, rather than analyzing it to find out the exact factors that my brain likes. Anyways, this has been my non cohesive train of thought, thanks for reading.



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