Can Comedy Die?

When reading Toplyn, I kept thinking how repetitive his steps were getting on how to create a good joke or a good monologue. For instance, in the part about the monologue, he had several different formulas of the punch line makers, but each one was very similar with very similar steps. Maybe one had to do with real world events, but the same steps were taken to reach a punch line surrounding a real world event. I just felt like I was reading the same instructions over and over again, so it made me to start to think about if its possible for comedy to die. I’ve never thought it was possible and I think I still don’t, but if there is supposedly this structure to getting a joke just right, how many different outcomes can there be? I guess with the world constantly changing and new generations of new minds being born, comedy probably would never be fully outdated. But perhaps, certain types of comedies or certain jokes can become exhausted. It’s kind of like when person has heard the same joke too much it starts to become more annoying than funny, so I guess my overall question is can this happen with society in general? Can comedy, or more likely some aspect of comedy become exhausted?


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