Response to: Politely Racist

With no exact view of the thoughts and ideas of the other party, one party would have to be as polite as can be to avoid controversies or risk saying a thought and be bombarded from all sides. Or can even politeness lead to racism instead? A quote that I’ve found posted on a board […]


You make a lot of good points in your analysis. I agree with the fact that it is seen as joining the opposing side if you are keeping quiet, especially in this clip. So, why do we laugh at this? Based on the readings from this week, I would classify this clip as charged humor. Charge humor is identified as “humor that enacts cultural citizenship that empowers and affirms marginalized identities and communities, and edifies/mobilized audiences”. I believe this clip is an excellent example of that. By pointing out the different issues surrounding the African-American community and the gaps between the white community. This, in a way, helps empower the African-American community.

via Politely Racist — CSCL 3175 Comedy: Text and Theory


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