Humor or Horror?

This week we have talked a lot about the carnivalesque, and as an example of carnivalesque we have talked about South Park. Ethan Thompson was concerned about the show’s “bad taste” factor, but for me, where does humor cross the line of horror? Many of my friends from my floor freshman year loved the show South Park. I have a very specific memory of staying up late with my friends one night and them deciding to watch some episodes of the show. I had never seen a single episode before, so I decided to watch with them. For those of you who have seen the show, the episodes we watched were Woodland Critter Christmas and Scott Tenorman Must Die. Both, at least for me, were extremely disturbing episodes. Since then, I have watched a few South Park episodes that I found funny, but I remember being horrified with my first exposure. Carnivalesque is supposed to be mirthful, but is there a line? Does humor ever turn into horror?


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