Charged Humor

I’m always interested when looking at racially charged comedy and why it’s funny. The viewings for this week focused on people of color making fun of white people like in the SNL skit and the Eddie Murphy mockumentary. I loved both clips and have seen them before but this time it got me thinking about comedy in general. When there is racially charged humor in anything it is always a risk to produce because of backlash. However I remember people loving Eddie Murphy’s clip when it came out and Black Jeopardy is a recurring sketch on SNL. This one with Tom Hanks is particularly loved.

I found it interesting while thinking of these examples to try to think of a white comedian making jokes about being white and not getting bashed on the Internet. The first thing that popped into my head was a song by Lil Dicky called “White Dude”

It basically goes through all the perks he has for being a white male in America. He has gotten a lot of criticism about his joke raps, especially about this specific song. It is charged with both racial remarks and gendered remarks. So it made me think what makes charged humor funny and who laughs at those kinds of jokes? And I don’t mean like do white people laugh at jokes about being white and nothing else, I guess I mean do people only laugh if they an relate to the charged humor? If the joke is making fun of your culture it is probably not as funny to you but do you still laugh? I just find the whole collective of charged humor to be a really sensitive topic but could be used to make social and political points in society if used properly.


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