Why “Fake” Satire News Triumphs

While reading “Tracing the ‘fake’ candidate in American television comedy” I was reminded of Robin Williams performance in “Man of the Year,” and his character who was part of a political satire comedy show who then ran for president when a comment was made he would be a better leader than the current president. What characteristics did Dobbs possess that made him believe to be a quality leader? His ability to make the audience laugh by using satire to draw light to political issues?  Now compare this to The Daily Show, SNL, or any other “Fake News” that uses mockumentary satire to deliver their messages. While they might not use  traditional journalism one might see The New York Times use, their messages are just as powerful and persuasive.

This form of comedy has evolved over the years and has been a favorite form of reporting over the years. Think of The Yes Men and their ability to bring awareness to actual issues. What about their performances makes them so effective? Why is Trevor Noah and other hosts of comedy shows so effective at not only making people laugh but showing how foolish some things in this world are? Is it because Trump has done some very foolish (depending on your viewpoint of course) things in the past months that makes him the perfect target to be made fun of? My real question is why is this form of news, satire, so effective and successful at being persuasive? What makes their messages so powerful that even though they might not be a “true” news source, their credibility at “delivering news” is accepted in the large population?


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