Reality Defies Reason

How much does fake news impact real world events such as elections and public opinions, and what does it say about our faith in humanity?

If parody and satirical news shows in the past were cancelled due to concern that they might impact upcoming elections, who’s to say that the shows and fake news today didn’t? Misinformation has always been prevalent on the internet and I think it is in part due to everyone dealing with confirmation bias. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, people want to believe certain things to be true about a person, group of people, or events. This is what I believe fake news that one can see all over on Facebook provides; it justifies one’s feelings if not at least for a moment. Of course, if someone knows the article is fake, they can still find amusement in the absurdity, but who knows if the next person in the chain of shares will realize that as well.

This gulliblenss to believing fake news also gives some insight to how we view the world. It is amazing to think that we are so accustomed to hearing absurd thing happen in reality, that ludicrous headlines for fake news seem believable. That we have such a low opinion of our fellow earthlings as to find some reason to a fake story.


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