Learning from Fake News?

Can fake news teach readers to think more critically? In Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, the absurdity of his proposal, eating children for the benefit of Ireland as a whole, makes it clear that his “Modest Proposal” is actually certifiably insane. However, Swift phrases his proposal with clear-cut rationale and logic that on the surface makes the idea seem reasonable. Knowing that this example is inherently fake, can it be used as a lesson to be wary of seemingly rational news articles that are potentially fake?

Another point I think is important to make is that fake news in the form of satire today can be an important way to blow off steam, or relieve stress in our world by pointing out flaws or ridiculous events that need attention brought to them. Some fake news, the best example I can think of being The Onion, are very good at bringing attention to issues through the lense of humor.


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