When the mood is right…

When the mood is right or rather, my mood is right, I will laugh until it feels as though my ribs are going to break, my lungs collapse and my stomach aches something fierce!  I was watching the Last Week Tonight, “Civil Forfeiture” clip and I was not in the mood to laugh I guess.  Or I was more in a mood of feeling some empathy for some of the individuals being fucked over by our repressive state apparatuses.  I love to laugh, but the humor was just not getting through to me.  I felt angry and hopeless and fearful; what if I were to lose my home like that! How is this possible!  And then, as I was seething and not even really paying attention to the clip, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff fuckin Goldblum appears and reels me back to the realm where things are funny again.  Thanks Jeff Goldblum, you asshole, thanks for taking away the pain of injustice!  I had never seen this show and I  had no idea that there was going to be this little parody and only because it was Jeff Goldblum did the incongruousness work on me.  Reading about contagious laughter reminded me of numerous time in my life that I had started laughing and then continued to laugh for such a duration that I had forgot what I was laughing at in the first place.  This of course only led to more laughter.  I also recalled the many, many times from my youth where I was with a group, at camp or an overnight or anywhere and it was time for this group to go to bed.  What would happen is someone would make a noise, any noise really and then someone else would respond in some way or another and it would be funny.  So, we would start to giggle, quietly at first.  Again someone would make a noise and some one would answer back followed by more giggling, only a little bit more boisterous this time.  This would go on until and adult in charge would tell us to shut up, at which point there would be silence.  But, someone would of course break the silence and it felt like an impossible feat to not laugh!  The counselor or whomever would get more irritated and finally downright pissed off and yelling which only made us want to laugh even more!  Pretty much the only thing that would bring silence and eventual slumber was a complete meltdown freakout of the adult(s) in charge and possibly the meting out of some kind of corporal punishment to show they mean business.  The thing is, even with the threat of violence it was next to impossible not to laugh.


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