How far is far enough?

The Krefting article regarding charged humor was really interesting to me. It made me think when I volunteered at a youth homeless shelter and once a month we would bring in comedians. My boss thought comedians were the best way to talk about the issues surrounding homelessness without things getting too serious or down, but it never actually made anyone in the group talk about the issues. The comedians would come and they would leave and that would be that. Maybe it got people thinking about the issues and how they could change things, but I never actually saw anything go into action. So it makes me question how far charged humor has to go before it actually causes any sort of reaction or change. I felt that the comedians we had maybe did not go far enough or maybe did not talk about broad enough issues.Sometimes it seemed they maybe used too much humor. They turned something that could have been racially meaningful into something with sexual undertones, which undermined the overall issue. Even when they focused on the issue, maybe we still just saw it as a joke and nothing more. All of this leads me to ask:  Do you all think charged humor need to reach a certain point before it works, and is there also maybe a point at which it goes too far?


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