Too Far?

As we discussed in class, we have a pretty extensive list of jokes pertaining to some pretty serious subjects. Jokes about the Holocaust, dead babies, Helen Keller, 9/11, the list can go on and on. But why are these things funny? Are they even? Are we simply laughing due to being uncomfortable? I think the humor stems from the incongruity principle because making fun of something sad is not a typical response. My question is related to these “tongue in cheek” kind of jokes. Because there will always be more terrible events to occur throughout the world, what is the proper time line to start making fun of it? I loved the quote from Twain, “Humor is tragedy plus time”. The typical response to someone who is brave enough to poke fun at one of these serious subjects is “too soon”. Do we as a society need to be more respectful or should we just toughen up and learn to move on? Is society becoming that dark with our humor or are we just starting to realize that these things are really that funny?

I thought that this clip from Key and Peele was extremely relevant.

Are there any lines we should not cross??


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