Human Reaction

All three of the theory texts we read commented on the negative aspects of comedy and humor. Freud mentioned the superior stance of the ego in relation to others. Bergson brings up the absence of feeling or sympathy, as well as the viewing of another person as a thing. And lastly, Morreal points out that the act of laughing produces symptoms usually recognized in illness, and that comedy requires the degradation of other humans. Morreal does go on to outline the various theories of humor, all of which are not negative. However, since all three do mention these negative aspects, I think it is valid to consider what that means when comedy is so prevalent and popular in modern society. Could it possibly indicate an inherent evil or cruelty in the human condition? Wars and mass genocides are usually the evidence we cite when illustrating the potential cruelty of human beings. Could comedy and humor be an equally justified example of the evils humans are capable of?


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