Emotionally Invested

Bergson wrote that the comic is human, and therefore his audience will only laugh at what is human. He gives the example of an animal, and that we will only laugh at an animal because we have detected something human within it, or something we can relate to. However he also says that when a person laughs there is the absence of feeling and that laughter has no greater foe than emotion. I found this really interesting and wondered if you guys agreed or disagreed with these statements. Do you think that highly emotional people are less likely to laugh at something, or are you less likely to see humor in something that you are emotionally connected to? Do you find that when you distance yourself from a situation or comic that you are more likely to see the humor in what is happening or do you become disinterested altogether? Emotions are a human feature and so why does the comic need to be human but the audience should be removed?


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